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Welcome to the Tangent Blog. It’s been a long time coming. Here I’m going to TRY to be good and continue the work that the band does on paper. or not on paper actually, but you know what I mean.  This can be translated as “I’m going to nag on and on about stuff that no-one is really bothered about” but it seems that that activity is quite the thing these days, so why shouldn’t I try?


The Author with the only person he could get to listen that day.

The Tangent is a Progressive Rock Band. It tries to be be more than just that – which typifies the band as pretentious, full of its own self importance and  – well, you know the rest. The band is currently recording a new album, and our first articles are going to be about that album, our purpose as a band, and why we want to write and record this particular set of songs. This WordPress site is not intended as a site in itself, and should be considered a part of the Tangent Website which you can find at


Our current articles here are:

Pens And Swords – An epic ramble on one of my favourite topics. In fact on several of them with NO PROG at all.

The Spiritual Atheist – Why I, an apparently Atheist writer, am going on about something so mystical and intangible as “The Aether” or “Quintessence” on the band’s new album

Justification for making Another Album – A rationale for continuing to make “Progressive Rock Music” in a world that mainly closed the book on that genre, . Some general background as to why we’re making this album and spending a lot of time and effort on something that is not going to make us in any way wealthy

At The Sharp End Of A Legacy – Some very very sour grapes about the disproportions of success between the bands of the 70s and those of now.


19 thoughts on “Sparks In The Aether – The Tangent Blog

  1. hi Andy, just needed to let you now how the Tangent and solo music as added so much amazing, wonderous listening for me, its not just the music the artwork as well. its the wonderous thing of being into Progressive rock music. like yourself, i1ve been into prog since my 13th birthday. so thank you for your music . geekfreak

    1. Hi John.. Nice comments here, thanks very much. Multiplex album is finished and on its way to manufacture now and Tangent, well, the drums arer all done now and the pieces are sounding great.
      Best to you and yours and thanks again! Andy

  2. you are welcome about my comments, your music as enlightened my life with wonderous pieces of music which like your self I`ve been into prog from my 13th birthday in `73 a great year for the music that died alone lol (sorry about the pun) there was some early highs with the music of Yes/Genesis/ELP and VDGG many a happy listening delightful times within there musical magical masterful concepts . I`ve pre ordered both of your new albums. once again many thanks for your music you gladly share with me…

    1. well how`s the world treating you all in the tower The Tangent, I`ve been listening to the newer prog bands, the flower kings/spock`s beard/ transatlantic and many more. which forms of music away from prog do you enjoy….

      1. Thanks John… In fact most of the time I listen to other forms of music!. I tend to reserve prog for those times when I have maximum attention available – i.e. just me sat in front of the hi fi with coffee and no distractions. Even then it’s not always gonna be Prog i choose. I am very fond of quality piano based Jazz like Bill Evans, Jacques Loussier, Oscar Peterson etc, and this extends into all the fusion stuff I like via Chick Corea and Dave Stewart. I’m very fond of many dance music forms, notably the quality end of 70s Disco/Funk – Earth Wind & Fire are big faves here, along with Michael Jackson’s best output, Kool & The Gang, Randy Crawford. I like a lot of the 90s DJ culture recordings by people like 808 state Groove Armada, Propellerheads, Roni Size Reprazent, the Future Sound Of London onto Faithless and beyond. I love Radiohead, have a very parochial soft spot for Oasis (they were not far from where I live). Metal I have enjoyed since the beginnings of Sabbath and Purple, still enjoying it when it’s got something to say (which it doesn’t always) – like Opeth, Periphery, Voivod, Maschine and loads of others.. Love Stravinsky, Debussy, Beethoven, Bach, Holst, Borodin and Richard Strauss… The Carpenters, Spice Girls, S Club 7, Kula Shaker and – well, you’ll gather the list goes on quite a bit longer. My favorite albums OAT are Pawn Hearts by VDGG, Tales by Yes, Trick by Genesis, Unfold the Future by The Flower Kings, The Light by Spock , The Hissing Of Summer lawns by Joni Mitchell, Dimension Hatross by Voivod, Outrospective by Faithless.

        Fave tracks are “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Diana Ross (solo version), “In the Stone” by Earth Wind & Fire, “Yours Is No Disgrace” by Yes, “Harry’s House/Centrepiece” by Joni Mitchell, “Bring it All Back” by S Club 7, “Gymnopodie No1” by Satie performed by the Jacques Loussier trio, “The truth Will Set You Free” by The Flower Kings, “Out On The Edge” by Spock’s Beard and “Romantic Warrior” by Chick Corea with Return To Forever.

        I could go on for years….

  3. well that’s a wow list of great musicians you have listed. prog isn’t for background music its a no bodies around and shut out the world.

  4. Really enjoying Electric Symphonia No. 2 here in the midwest of USA!

    I see we share many musical interests. Surprised you didn’t mention Steely Dan, echoes of them show up in your music which I love.

  5. I`m expressing the heartache of waiting for the album none to be falling on my doormat….

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